Craft makers of natural wild vinegars & healthy tonics

Located in the South West of WA in an old mechanics shop, a couple of mates including  celebrity chef Matt Stone & Olympic swimming gold winner Eamon Sullivan thought it was a good idea to start one of Australia’s only craft vinegar companies.

Our HQ has a policy that we do EVERYTHING ourselves - from using the whole, raw fruits & vegetables for our initial wild yeast fermentations, cultivation of our 8 year old mothers to hand bottling and packing everything!

Our focus is to produce amazing health tonics from old school recipes, fruit vinegars from every season & native Australian herb infusions celebrating this inspiring land that we call home.

All of our products are 100% Australian, un-pasteurised, unfiltered and contains the mother to keep them as natural as possible. All of our products are 100% fermentation, with no added water.


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