Wild Winter Tonic Deal!

Wild Winter Tonic Deal!

It's official - June has arrived and brought winter with it! Thankfully, our tonics have everything you need to stave off those cold weather blues (and flu's) - garlic for your immune system, horseradish for allergies, rosemary for its antibacterial properties, and much much more. Plus, there's that killer base of ACV, made right here at Wild Vinegar Co HQ.

Our motto - "Made For The People" - stands on every bottle, so we want to make sure everybody can get their hands on it! So, we decided to create a special WILD WINTER deal for you all - buy three bottles of tonic and we'll ship it to you FREE! Simply add the three bottles to your cart (Super or Healthy, or both) and apply the discount code wild winter when you're ready to check out.

Simple as that! Just a few shots a day will help keep the sniffles away, leaving you more time to enjoy lovely wintery things like hot soup, wood fires and exploring...

Ian Wild Vinegar
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