The lastest release- chilli chilli chilli

The lastest release- chilli chilli chilli

We have been working so very hard at HQ fermenting some amazing products from around Australia and are super excited that we can finally let this one leave the nest!

We have been fermenting whole chilli with their own wild yeast which is alway the best & natural way, add in a heap of Murray River Pink Salt which contains an array of natural minerals then adding in some seriously good Aussie collagen from our mates at Gelatin health and topped off with our own infused Super tonic which in itself is infused with some massively gut health loving ingredients!

This little ripper is only the beginning so we made it nice and mild so you can put lashings of it on everything, even the kids love it and so healthy!

Buy a heap in our online store and get your chilli on!

Also watch out for its older brothers coming soon 

Mat Wild Vinegar
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