Old and new at our HQ...

Old and new at our HQ...

We have been excitedly watching Wild Vinegar Co HQ take shape, right from the day we picked up the keys to the history-filled mechanic shop we now call home. There are so many brilliant quirks to this building - you can see the eras that have passed in the different shades of colour painted on our concrete office floor! We even still use the makeshift key rack someone put up long ago - we love that something from a time passed can become part of a fresh future.

That blending of the old and the new is what has made us SO thrilled to see our production space - and its sexy, sleek industrial feel - coming along so well. Our tanks are in position in what will be a GORGEOUS fermentation room, and we have bottles and labels and lids coming out of our ears! The guys have been hard at work making sure that everything will operate seamlessly - we're going to miss Zane and Chris (and their Triple J singalong's) when they're done. But we're also pretty excited because, once construction finishes, we can get our styling on and match our inside with our beautiful exterior!

Everyone can come have a gander soon - don't forget, we have a Good Nights gig here on the 4th of August, featuring folk duo The Ahern Brothers. It's the perfect opportunity to come spend some time with us, book your ticket here!

Ian Wild Vinegar
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